The necessity of making use of home health care services can sometimes occur at the most unexpected moments in life. You just never know when it could be required, so it is always advisable to be well informed about it.

Here are a few facts about home health care which should be helpful in understanding what to expect in the eventuality of using such services.

Gathering Information

Once it has been decided that you are going to need to use home health care providers, you will find a lot of information on the internet. You can also get tips from friends and relatives who have used similar services. This will enable you to choose a suitable agency.

The Economics of Home Care

Initially, the cost of paying home health care providers may seem exorbitant, as there may be some initial costs involved like purchasing medical equipment and accessories, but in the long run, you are going to end up paying comparatively less than to a hospital.

Doctor’s Recommendation

A medical practitioner is usually the person to recommend home care. Your doctor also usually provides a list of home health care providers, and will give you a few tips about what you can expect from a caregiver. This is a good opportunity to discuss with the doctor about the different aspects of home care, to get a clearer picture of what is involved.

Setting up

You will have to make a few changes to the home setup, which the caregivers will recommend and help you with. For example, if you are dealing with senior care, you may need to have railings fitted on the bed or around the house at strategic points, install shower seats or change your carpeting from high pile to low pile. There will also be a number of accessories required initially, which will be listed by the caregivers.

What to Expect

Your home health aide should be able to:

  • Monitor food and drink intake
  • Check blood pressure, temperature, and other vital stats
  • Supervise medication
  • Enquire if the patient is experiencing pain and ensure they are comfortable
  • Ensure overall safety at home
  • Make the patient aware of how to take care of themselves, if possible
  • Communicate with you about the patient’s progress

Professional Qualifications

You have the right to check the credentials of the person who is sent as a caregiver, and ensure that they are adequately experienced and qualified carry out the job. If you are not satisfied with the level of competency of the staff, then you are entitled to request for a replacement. One major credential is that they are certified in their state, and that they have insurance for those services.

Check your Healthcare Coverage

Ensure provisions exist in your medical insurance covering medically-assisted health care. There are usually several clauses and sub-clauses and exclusions, so it would be advisable to go over these points with the help of your doctor, to ensure that you get the full benefits from your medical insurance.

Loss of Privacy

This is an inevitable part of home care. If you are going to have an unknown person coming into your home, whether part-time or full-time, you will have to compromise on the privacy that you enjoyed previously. You will find yourself having to behave differently sometimes, at your own home, because of the presence of the home health staff. But the trade-off you get in assistance is far worth it, in our opinion.

Change in Daily Routine

By using home health services, you will find that you need to make changes in the way you run your personal life. These changes may be subtle, like having to be available at a particular time instead of taking off to do things on your own, because the caregivers need your assistance for a particular activity at a particular time of day.

Loss of Independence

Once caregivers are hired and start to work at your home, both you and the person who is being cared for will both experience a loss of independence, to some extent. This is an inevitable fact, as the caregivers will work within the framework of certain rules and requirements, and in order to get them to function efficiently, you will comply.

However, if you are open to the adjustments involved, and have an idea what to expect, you should be able to develop a functional rapport between the caregivers and yourselves, which will be beneficial to all those involved, in the long run.

Of course, we at Home Helpers of Tampa would be glad to help you find the right certified caregiver any time.

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